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troy raw honey imageTrekco has partnered Gkotzas Family to produce Troy Raw Greek Mountain Honey. Gkotzas Family have been producing raw honey for centuries using their traditional methods passed down through their family history.  Our TROY Raw Greek Mountain Honey is produced from the mountains of central Greece in region of Thessaly is around the Plastira lake and the mountains of Agrafa. This place is full of nectar from many different flowers and trees like Pine, Oak, Fir, Chestnut, wild mint, wild clover, lavender and many other mountain flowers.The Gkotzas family has also been accredited with ISO 22000:2005 in which all Troy honey products carry this certification on their labels, proven natural process.

 “A truly natural wonderful premium product, made with love and passion”

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troy raw honey imageTrekco have been researching and looking for natural healthy products that can improve or even help cure medical problems that are very much common and rising into today’s working and living environment. We have been looking into studies of many flower plants that produced into essential oils, can really help with people’s health issues, helping and healing them naturally and not by today commercial medicine being used that contains so much chemicals and most times create more problems with unnecessary side effects. So to bring these naturally produced essential oils into the market we have collaborated with M & A doo Stolac a family oriented company that’s been using, producing these oils and want to share their story, knowledge, experience and promote these essential oils to the rest of the World. Trekco can now offer these essential oils in bulk or smaller quantities and in private label or the producer brand Stoille, name comes from the ancient town Stolac, one of the oldest human settlements that has been populated for 15,000 years, it is located in Hercegovina Highlander region on the cross roads between massive Dinaric Alps and beautiful Adriatic coast. The natural environment of this exquisite climate and plentiful water resources this area has been recognized as the oasis of health that has pure and intact healing vegetation.


The essential oils we can offer are, IMMORTELLE (Helichrysum Italicum), JUNIPER BERRY (Juniperus Communis), ROSMARY (Rosmarinus Officinalis), LAVANDER (Lavandula Angustifolia), CLARY SAGE (Salvia Sclarea), OREGANO (Origanum Vulgare), MELISSA (Melissa Officinalis), (YARROW (Achillea Millefolium). Our main production is the Immortelle, Helichrysum italicum, also known as “yellow gold”. Up till now, there are established numerous everlasting medicinal properties by using this oil. Therefore, the largest application of this oil is in the pharmaceutical industry and the production of cosmetics. Title “yellow gold” indicates its market value, so Herzegovina began massive plantation cultivation of immortelle oil. The cosmetic industry is the largest user. This is because oil attributed almost miraculous properties which act on skin healing. Immortelle annually harvested in huge quantities. For one liter of oil is needed even tons of fresh flowers. In its composition immortelle contains italodions that heal, regenerative neterpens diketones, monoterpene alcohols, monoterpene, esters, essential oils, bitter substances, bioflavonoid, and arzanol.
Has a rare chemical profile, including strong anti-inflammatory compounds – alpha, beta and gamma turmeric – and neryl acetate, which relaxes muscles and acts against convulsions. Although immortelle is suitable for use in many diseases, the most popular is a remedy for wrinkles, spots, and other signs of aging skin. Study of a French cosmetics company has shown that plant reduces the depth of wrinkles 19%, total 14% for wrinkles and skin wrinkles by 38%. It was also found that immortelle oil has an incredibly strong antioxidant effect, and other protective properties which largely owes its constituent neryl acetate.

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 Agricultural land in a field that is already treated and land that cannot get treated

essencial oil

essencial oil


Our company mainly produces seedlings from the seeds, which is a good choice, to maintain genetic diversity and quality of oil similar to that which is obtained from wild plants. essencial oil
Currently in our areas there are 500,000 everlasting seedlings of immortelle plant, Therefore, Herzegovina is the largest habitat of Helichrysum Italicum oil, and we supplement our capacity from nature and subcontractors. Immortelle plant is grown as a perennial in a period of 5-8 years.

essencial oil
essencial oil

Distillation is done no later than 24 hours after harvesting, so we do not lose all the necessary ingredients from plants. The extraction of oil in the distillation process of immortelle oil (Lat. Heliychrisum) should be as short as possible to avoid the occurrence of hydrolysis. For proper extraction takes 100 to 200 kg / h steam per 1m3 of the distiller, while the extraction itself should last at least two hours. For 1 kilogram of oil it is needed from 800 to 900kg of raw material.

essencial oil

essencial oil


The packagings we use for the packing of essential oil are material of high-quality aluminum, and is safe for transportation, with the stoppers to seal the bottle safely. This packaged oil has a long shelf life and does not lose its properties. Packaging capacity for commercial use is from 2 to 32kg, private label packaging and sizes on request.
essencial oil